Desired OutcomeA semantically enabled knowledge management platform that can enable organizations to leverage to drive the change they are seeking.  By working across disciplines (Industry, Academica, Governments) we can drive a sustainable solution in this digital age.
TransformationDeveloping a playbook to help folks understand how to build up such a structure.
MotivationSemantically based knowledge management strategies have long term capabilities due to the abstraction of the concept from a specific system.  It is our understanding that bringing diversity of industry, academia and government to design a sustainable knowledge management platform.


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Thursday, July 7 2016

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Saturday, February 6 2016

Saturday, January 31 2015

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    Adam Fermier created Wiki

    Congntiive science is a methdology to define, classify and learn how we homosapiens learn, rationalize and retain knowledge.  As such - the semantic web strategies align well with that desired behavior and ultimate goal for any group of scienitists.  Here we'll outline some books that help us understand further various topics that may not at firts pass look connected - but we'll try to make those connections to help develop our larger strategy that we believe will be helpful for future scientists, technologists, engineers, mathmaticians - in the way we know how - through literary "art" :)

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    Activities that bring individuals and work activities together.  These work activities can be viewed as:

    • Milestones: Demonstration the delivery of a project request to stake holders
    • Deliverables: A set of work activity that leads to a demonstratable value/capability for the business
    • Tasks: Activities that can be identified to a specific person on the team.
    • Features: Activities that would be great to achieve
    • Bug Report: Identification of a deliverable that is not working properly