No SQL Databases

No SQL databases offer a lot of advantages to conventional relational databases whereby entire new companies have based their existance.  The power is found in the systems ability to scale across multiple servers designed from the ground up.  Here's some notes we found interesting on the topic.


Topic Source
2014-05-02_17-10-55-748.png 1:10 Youtube Video
2014-05-02_17-13-14-994.png 2:40 You Tube Video
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Persistence You Tube
Impedance mismatch problem - the fact that you have objects that must be stored in a relational database - in that the UI has an object of relatred information that must then be parsed into the RDMS You Tube 
Relational databases has 20 years of dominance by RDMS You Tube
So why is there a surgance now that may succeed - the emergence of lots and lots of small boxes that act as a single unit - RDMS running across clusters - is an unnatural act.  
2014-05-03_11-35-30-832.png Inspired a movement to enable many little boxes to work together due to the nature of the data being collected - a whole new movement (youtube video)
2014-05-03_11-38-44-356.png Where the No SQL name came from - a twitter hash tag :) You tube video
2014-05-03_11-41-02-275.png What is NoSQL You Tube Video